Fire Protection

What We Do

At A Hunt & Co, we have extensive experience in offering fire protection and fire equipment maintenance for both residential and commercial projects. We also ensure full compliance with the industry standards to contain a fire and stop its progression through a building.

Fire Compartmentation

At A Hunt & Co, we can implement fire compartmentation that works by dividing your building into a number of separate compartments, preventing the progression of the fire throughout the premises. To ensure this, we will install fire-rated walls, floors, ceilings, and partitions in your building. In addition, we will place intumescent pipe collars, wraps, and coatings to insulate the steelwork in your building and increasing its structural protection.

We understand that for successful compartmentation, all potential airflow sources, including the ductwork, pipes, joints and rafters, and ceiling voids, be protected with fire-insulated material. Our team will also check compartmented walls and floors regularly for breaches, particularly in joint seals, penetration seals, and cavity barriers. In case of a fire, successful fire compartmentation can allow the occupants to evacuate the building safely and allow fire services to quickly extinguish the flames.

Fireboard Encasement

At A Hunt & Co, our fire-rated fireboard encasement can protect the structural integrity of your timber, concrete work, and steelwork in case a fire starts in the building. This is one of the most reliable fire resistance and protection solutions for a variety of buildings. Fireboard encasements are designed to provide effective fire protection for required periods of time.

Our fire-rated encasements are created to protect the mechanical and electrical services passing through the premise and are made to contain at source the risk of high heat. They are a very effective alternative fire-protection solution for steel-framed structure where cement or intumescent coatings are not feasible. The fire-rated encasements offer a smooth and highly fire-resistant surface that do not need any additional coating to stop the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Stopping & Barriers

A Hunt & Co offers a full range of fire stopping and fire barriers for  domestic, industrial and commercial properties to ensure the walls, ceilings, floors, and more, and can ensure proper smoke resistance and retain fire. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure they provide us with the right materials for simple as well as complex penetrations. We offer various types of fire barriers that ensure various levels of structural integrity and insulation, depending on the project. Our team of technicians will properly install fire stopping and barriers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and based on test certifications.

We follow the current Building and Fire Safety Regulations to ensure all our premises are fire-safe by incorporating sufficient means of reducing risk in case of a fire in the building’s layout and design. We offer fire stopping to service penetrations that run through fire-rated walls and soffit slabs, including the use of fire collars. We also install rigid or flexible fire barriers and breaks within lofts, floor voids, and suspended ceilings, depending on the unique requirements of your project.

In addition, our team will also install ventilated or non-ventilated cavity barriers between the building’s parameters and its external façade.

Why Choose Us?

Effective fire compartmentation, doors, barriers, and encasement are integral for a building’s fire protection strategy and need to be implemented into a construction project in the early stages to ensure the building remains safe in the event of a fire.

At A Hunt & Co, we are committed to the installation, testing, and maintenance of all fire safety structure and equipment and follow all the major fire industry regulatory bodies including FIRAS, ASFP, IFSM, NFPA, and BM Trada.

Our workers are very proactive when it comes to improving the fire and smoke protection standards in any building. We are committed to upskilling our technicians with regular upgrades and training on the latest equipment, products, and testing methods.

We take great pride in setting precedence for the effective delivery of potent fire protection solutions for the public and private sectors. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Our aim is to maintain the best fire control practices as well as continual improvement in the field.
  • All issues and red flags related to fire protection will be quickly identified and addressed based on the highest industry standards.
  • We work with only top-of-the-line suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers who subject their products to rigorous ongoing testing.
  • Our fire protection equipment and products do not compromise safety and give clients a high value for money.
  • We subject all our work to independent review as mandated by the fire protection industry regulations.
  • We ensure all our clients have full visibility and effective communication throughout the project.